Memory Workshop

Saturday 8th November 1-3pm, The McCoy Studio at The Rag Factory. £3 per ticket, includes a free drink. Book tickets here.

Have you ever wondered how human memory works? Focusing on how we remember events, this practical workshop explores why people sometimes remember things differently to one another, and how reliable our memories really are. Looking at the role of eyewitness evidence in the criminal justice system we will discuss the implications this body of research has within our society. The workshop will be led by Dr Fiona Gabbert.

Fiona Gabbert
Fiona Gabbert

Dr Fiona Gabbert is a Reader in Psychology at Goldsmiths University of London. She is interested in the strengths and weaknesses of human memory, and has an international reputation for her research in the fields of investigative interviewing and the suggestibility of memory. Her research has had an important impact on police operational procedure in the UK and internationally. Fiona’s work explores a number of topics central to the reliability of eyewitness testimony including controversial topics such as recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse in adulthood, and coerced or false confessions.

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