Robin & Georgina

Georgina and Robin delve into the world of psychedelic drugs.

Exploring how psychedelic drugs affect the brain, the links between the psychedelic state and dreaming and their potential therapeutic uses, the conversation goes from the fractal nature of the brain to trepanning, ego-death and deals with the devil. Robin’s research involves candid interviews with study participants after taking LSD. Georgina is focusing on the experiences of those willing to drop acid and sit in an MRI scanner:

“My approach to Robin’s work will be an observational documentary.

Robin Carhart Harris Neurologist Georgina Cammalleri Documentary
Robin & Georgina

I’m very lucky that Robin has already set up a camera in his interviewing room in the Cardiff lab where his volunteers, under LSD or a placebo, answer questions pertaining to their experience. This is such an intimate and revelatory moment that I’ve decided to pretty much leave as is and work around it. The grainy quality of his film gives it an archival quality that will feel different and removed from the rest of the filming, and therefore the climax of the film.


I hope to take the viewer through the experience of being a volunteer, trying my best to get as close to the experience as possible. As someone who works in documentaries, mainly about human interest, I very much want this film to be centred around the individual and their experience, and for us to learn about the drug through them. I’d like to immerse myself as much as possible in what it is like to be under this potent drug.

I am also open to filming in a slightly stylistic way in order to enhance our understanding of the LSD effects. I’ll also play around with ideas of how to build to the revelatory moment in the interviewing room, especially by following some volunteers outside of the lab environment.”

Robin Carhart Harris Neurologist Georgina Cammalleri Documentary

Robin & Georgina

Diliana Pecheva 


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