Madeleine, Lorenzo & Martina

Researchers Madeleine and Lorenzo study how we learn to feel pain, and when we start making the distinctions between tactile touch and a painful stimulus.

Partnered with illustrator Martina, who’s colourful work spans a number of themes, they’ve taken a slightly different approach to communicating their research.

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Their collaboration focuses on the scientists and their relationship with their work, how they experience it, and the pains of being a researcher.

Starting from notes on how the brain processes nociceptive (painful) stimuli and going through the techniques regularly used in Madeleine and Lorenzo’s research, Martina goes through the whole process of being a researcher at UCL’s Pain Research Group. Her illustrations are exploring a side of research seldom seen by people outside the academic world — an insight into the quotidian of research and their personal connection with their work.

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Departing from the sterile stereotypes of scientists, Martina is looking at the human and everyday side of Madeleine and Lorenzo’s research and the researchers themselves. In her piece she’s exploring the precision and dedication needed for science, but also the simple curiosity, awe and camaraderie that is present in the relatively informal life of a scientist.

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