Freya & David

We went to catch up with Queen Mary’s Dr. David Baracchi – a wasp and bee behavioural biologist – at his lab in Mile End.

However, describing David’s workplace as a lab would almost be selling it short. Part workshop, part menagerie with coloured artificial flowers scattered about and the odd loose bee to keep you on your toes – its a lot more fun than your average biomedical research facility.

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A key part of David’s work is keeping tabs on what each individual bee is up to, therefore each bee has to be caught and tagged, requiring animal husbandry of the most delicate degree.

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We’ve paired David up with Freya – a cartoonist and illustrator who’s recently worked on designing a children’s neuroscience book amongst her other numerous projects. Freya has been toying with a couple of ideas but one that has grabbed our attention is the idea of a non-linear panelled comic – taking inspiration from the hubs and walkways of the artificial beehives and meadows. You can check out more of Freya’s portfolio here.

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David is no wallflower himself when it comes to the art side of the project. He’s also discussed mucking in with the creation of a bespoke artificial beehive specifically for the Art Neuro, not to mention his incredible wildlife photography – which if you like you can find more of here.

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Check back here to find out how Freya & David’s project is developing.
Jamie Upton

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