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guardian_header_3The Guardian – The Observer

‘Eureka moments all round as the artists step into the laboratory’  


timeout blogTime Out London

‘Scientists and artists collaborate to create brain-teasing exhibition’



‘London exhibition showcases artist-neuroscientist collaboration’


motherboardVice – Motherboard

‘I Drank Colors at a Synaesthesia Happy Hour’



‘Neuroscientists and Artists team up for Art Neuro’


timeout blogTime Out London

‘Taste the Rainbow at Art Neuro’s synaesthesia cocktail experiment’



Queen Mary – Centre for Public Engagement blog

‘The art, and the science behind collaborative public engagement’ 


imperialImperial College London – I, Science Magazine  

‘Art Neuro’


theftyThefty blog

‘Art + Neuroscience = Art Neuro’ 


sobSociety of Biology

‘Art Neuro: Brain Evolution’


bsaScience London – British Science Association

‘Art Neuro’ 


53 mill53 Million Artists

‘Art Neuro is a brilliant collaborative project’ 


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