SciBar 1: Junky Fish

Science London kindly allowed us to take over their SciBar series in Shoreditch’s The Book Club. We took the opportunity to present two of our artist-neuroscientist collaborations to talk about their research, their inspirations and what they had learnt from each other. QMUL’s Dr Matt Parker kicked things off with a guide to the physiological … More SciBar 1: Junky Fish

The results are in…

So you want to know if people really can taste colour? Well the answer is, kinda… Cocktail #1 = gin, triple sec, egg white, lemon juice. The majority thought this cocktail tastes like orange which make sense considering triple sec was in there. Cocktail #2 = gin, lemon, celery, basil, egg white. Most people thought … More The results are in…

It’s Alive!

After several months of handpicking artists, writing grants and jumping through admin hoops we are ready to launch. Art Neuro will explore the workings of the brain through the visual arts by bringing together neuroscientists and artists from a wide range of disciplines. The last fortnight has seen our pairs of artists and scientists meeting … More It’s Alive!


Art Neuro is a collaborative project between London-based artists and neuroscientists. Over 3 months our selected artists will get the chance to explore a wide range of topics in the field of neuro-biology, the products of which will be exhibited in East London late 2014. Running alongside the exhibition will be a number of interactive … More Welcome