Who We Are

Team Art Neuro

Su Marsh
Supatra Marsh

Hello, my name is Supatra and I am a PhD student, science communicator, part time artist, and have a penchant for pork scratchings. The idea for Art Neuro was born out of my love for both science and art. I am passionate about communicating science through the medium of art, and think that this can provide a stimulating and engaging way to get everyone excited about science. I believe that science should be as much a part of popular culture as film, art and theatre where thinking critically and discussing science openly becomes the norm. We have a group of amazing artists and neuroscientists involved in the project and I cant wait to see what they come up with!

Diliana Pechava
Diliana Pecheva

I’ve always been interested in how different disciplines can compliment each other, both in my research and outside of it. As a first year PhD student, I’m looking at how we can use advanced imaging techniques to better understand the factors that lead to neurocognitive and neurobehavioural impairment in children born preterm.  When I’m not trawling through MRI scans, I like to spend my time going to exhibitions and creating my own artworks (with varying degrees of success). Science and art continually challenge our perceptions about the of world around us, and I am so excited to contribute to this through Art Neuro.

Viviana Robles
Viviana Robles

Hi, I’m Viv, a PhD Student at Queen Mary University of London. Apart from spending my time trying to make artificial skin glands for my PhD, I spend my days playing music in my band and taking analogue photos with my rollerflex. I’ve always had a keen interest in art, painting with oils whenever I get the chance and attending as many exhibitions as possible. By being involved in both art and science, I’ve come to realise the similarities between both, the thought process and the limitations that may arise. I believe that many people think that science is a daunting concept, but if we use art as a gateway, I believe everyone can get involved in understanding these concepts, bringing science to everyone.

Jamie Upton
Jamie Upton

I’m Jamie and I’m a PostDoc studying cell biology at QMUL. I started my academic career in Manchester where I studied neuropharmacology. I wrote my dissertation on the effects of LSD as well as investigating the effects of nicotine-like substances effects on synapse-firing. From there I went on to do a Masters in Biomedical Science, then moved to London to do a PhD on the role of stress in male pattern hair loss. I ended up going bald over 4 frantic years of experiments in a textbook example of a positive feedback loop. As well as getting involved in the world of popular science with the Art Neuro project I am also moving into a more programming based role, by exploring the fields of bioinformatics and biological “big” data.

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