Sunday’s workshops were started by a crafty session of neuron knitting. We were so happy to see beginners and experienced knitters in attendance, and even some very keen children.

To begin the session, scientists Arantza Barrios, Alexis Webb, Claire Williams and Miriam Ries discussed and shared their knowledge of the topic at hand with the audience. We learned there are roughly 100 billion neurons in our brains, which is just as many stars as in our galaxy, as well as how electrical impulses travel via neurons from sensory organs to the brain to elicit a reaction.

After learning more about how neurons work and what they look like and why, the knitting began. Seasoned knitters and beginners alike, took on the challenge of recreating the neurons that our scientists described using the pattern provided as a guide. Armed with balls of yarn and needles our knitting experts – Viv Munoz, Elliann Fairbairn, Kate Rowley, and our very own Art Neuro artist Rachael Pilston– moved around the room providing help to beginners. We were very pleased that all attendees left the workshop with some new knowledge of their own nervous system and some very cute woolly neurons.

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The energy in the room was incredible, everyone seemed very happy to discuss both knitting and neurons. Our scientists even got in on the action and joined in on the knitting which gave them the opportunity to talk about their research and answer questions from visitors. We can’t wait for our next neuron knitting session!

 Viviana Robles

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