The results are in…

So you want to know if people really can taste colour? Well the answer is, kinda…

Cocktail #1 = gin, triple sec, egg white, lemon juice. The majority thought this cocktail tastes like orange which make sense considering triple sec was in there.

Cocktail #2 = gin, lemon, celery, basil, egg white. Most people thought that this cocktail tastes purple, which may be due to the medicinal element of the basil, we’re just brainstorming here!

Cocktail #3 = rum, apple, cinnamon, star anise. You guys had no clue with this one! We blame our lovely mixologist Dan from Killgrief and Comfort for getting us too drunk by the third cocktail!

Hope everyone had fun at our synaesthesia nightgetting tipsy all in the name of science.


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