It’s Alive!

After several months of handpicking artists, writing grants and jumping through admin hoops we are ready to launch.

Art Neuro will explore the workings of the brain through the visual arts by bringing together neuroscientists and artists from a wide range of disciplines.

The last fortnight has seen our pairs of artists and scientists meeting up to share ideas and there’s already a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the collaborative projects that await.

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Over the next 3 months our pairs will be creating individual artworks in the form of paintings, ceramics, installations, films and more. We’ll be charting the progress of each pair right up until our final art show running from the 6th-9th of November at The Rag Factory in East London.

Each participant has been given their own ‘lab book’ to write down their thoughts, collect their data, demonstrate their theories, and sketch out their ideas. The lab books will be on display with the final pieces at the exhibition, so that you can see the progression from science to art.

Check back here regularly, as our pairs of artists and scientists will be uploading their images, thoughts and videos so we can follow their individual journeys over the coming months.

Jamie Upton

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