Science Showoff

Science Showoff temporarily set up shop at Art Neuro with the aim to excite and enthuse about matters of the brain. As always, it was kicked off with the captivating Steve Cross who ‘has a brain but rarely uses it!’ his words not mine. With the help of some unwitting volunteers he demonstrated how delicious … More Science Showoff

Screen Printing with the Society of Biology

During the Art Neuro exhibition we held two screen printing workshops that were funded by the Society of Biology which were all about brain evolution. During these workshops were heard from evolutionary experts: Sophie Scott (UCL), Maurice Elphick (QMUL), Saloni Krishnan (UCL) and Alex Moreau (UCL). We had a great time screen printing brains and … More Screen Printing with the Society of Biology


Sunday’s workshops were started by a crafty session of neuron knitting. We were so happy to see beginners and experienced knitters in attendance, and even some very keen children. To begin the session, scientists Arantza Barrios, Alexis Webb, Claire Williams and Miriam Ries discussed and shared their knowledge of the topic at hand with the … More Knit-a-neuron

Art Neuro round up

Just in case you missed us at the Rag Factory last week here’s a quick look at what happened. Last Thursday the Art Neuro exhibition and workshops opened at the Rag Factory in East London. Months of hard work culminated in a unique and thought-provoking collection of 16 artworks depicting an array of current neuroscience … More Art Neuro round up

Art Neuro performs at Science Showoff with SpotOn London!

Our very own Jamie Upton will be performing at Science Showoff this Friday with SpotOn London so come on down and hear all about what we got up to at the Art Neuro exhibition. Get your tickets here. There will be more events and exhibitions next year – sign up to our mailing list so … More Art Neuro performs at Science Showoff with SpotOn London!

Opening night!

We were blown away by all of you that made it down to our opening last night! Thank you so much for making is such a great evening we had lots of fun and I hope you did too. A big thank you to all our artists and scientists that came down to talk to … More Opening night!